Full Load Amps

by Heavy America

Released 2015
Released 2015
Gritty, Melodic Hard Rock from Boston, Mass. USA
Hailing from Boston, Massachusetts, Heavy America are a driven, passionate and charismatic rock and roll band formed by long-time musicians and friends Mike, Dan and Budd, who joined forces to create a gritty, instinctive and in-your-face rock act. Their songs are earthy and unpolished, yet catchy and melodic, highlighting the band’s songwriting skills and ability to coexist in that space where aggressive rock and roll and catchy melodies overlap.
The band’s “back to basics” sonic manifesto is incredibly refreshing, because rock music is all about keeping it simple and raw: this is the only way to allow emotions to shine through and serve a greater purpose: allowing listeners to truly relate to
songs. Peter Vidani, theBandCampDiaries, Sept. 2015 #heavyamerica