Up for Air

by Heavy AmericA

Released 07/07/2015
Released 07/07/2015
Gritty Alternative Hard Rock from Boston, Mass. USA
"It feels gritty and real. avoiding any ‘polished’ or ‘commercial’ faux pas. It takes all of the proper elements of good hard rock and slaps you in the face with them. That’s good; I can get behind that."
© 2015 — Brett Stewart / Rivers Rubin / Independent Spotlight / The Jukebox
Single, Released 7/7/2015
Recorded @ Squid Hell & Room 19 Studios
Engineered/Produced & Mastered by Michael Seguin
Artwork- Michael Seguin
Written by Michael Seguin, Arranged & Performed by Seguin, Fried, Lapham
All Rights Reserved (c)2015